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  • BreakBulk FAR EAST 2024

    July 18-19, 2024

    «AZIMUT City Hotel Vladivostok» hotel, Vladivostok, Russia

    Over the past two years, Russia has been actively turning to the East. In connection with the attempt of the EEC and the United States to organize a transport and economic blockade of our country, domestic business is arranging supplies of raw materials, equipment and consumer goods from Southeast Asian countries. As a result, the demand for Trans-Siberian Railway and BAM transportation and transshipment in the ports of the Russian Far East has sharply increased. However, all these changes have exposed infrastructure problems in the region: port facilities shortage, rear terminals and warehouses, and a weak railway capacity. However, after two years, some of the existing problems have been solved, and some will be solved in the near future.

    This is a good reason to attend the BREAKBULK FAR EAST 2024 conference in Vladivostok to be acquainted personally with the region’s ability to handle project, container, oversized and heavy cargo in the current, not the easiest conditions.

    Key issues for discussion:

    – Possibility of oversized and heavy cargoes transporting through border crossings on the Russian-Chinese border.

    – Prospects for bottlenecks expanding in transit through Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

    – Terminal infrastructure and linear service development on the Far East.

    – Specialized fleet consolidation opportunities in the Pacific basin.

    – Prospects of using the Northern Sea Route for logistics of project cargo.

    Why Vladivostok? First, it is one of the most interesting cities in Russia. An unusual landscape, endless hills, a beautiful historical center and Asian flavor. Second, it is the most important port of Russia, where the significant volumes of foreign trade goods exports and imports pass. This is the “Pacific Gate of Russia”.

    For what? This is a unique opportunity to meet leading cargo owners, carriers, freight forwarders, ports and terminals who are interested in creating stronger business ties in the Russian Far East.

    Schedule. On the first day, July 18, conference will take place where we will discuss the most pressing problems of project cargo logistics in the Far Eastern region. After the conference, it will be a dinner to consolidate contacts between the delegates. Second day, July 19, will be devoted to informal communication of delegates. On this day we will get to know one of the most unusual cities in Russia – Vladivostok. Conference guests will see where the famous Transsib begins, walk along the sand spit to the Egersheld Lighthouse, visit the best viewing platforms of the city, inspect coastal artillery batteries. We will also visit Russian Island, where we will have a lunch with Far Eastern seafood on the ocean shore.

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