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  • BreakBulk RUSSIA 2017

    28 April 2017

    Azimut Hotel
    Saint-Petersburg, Russia

    28 of April we conducted III international conference «BreakBulk RUSSIA 2017» hosted at “Azimut” Saint Petersburg.

    BreakBulk RUSSIA remaining pool for discussing project logistics issues for many years. We aim to gather major players in heavy and OOG transportation industry in major hub of RF.

    50 professionals (heavy haulage companies, stevedors, port agents, project freight forwarders, cargo owners, authorities) attended «BreakBulk RUSSIA 2017». Agenda and attendants list you will find below.

    Our goal is to provide the meeting point for networking, sharing logistics solutions and discussing projects issues for all interested parties.


    BreakBulk RUSSIA 2017

    9.30-10.30 Registration

    1 Conference session

    Transport technology development in heavy cargo transportation.
    Speaker: Alexander Kuznetsov, professor of port and cargo terminals department, Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping.

    Chartering broker’s abilities and input in unique cargo transportation.
    Speaker: Konstantin Grinevich, CEO, GLOGOS

    Building of specialized vessels for heavy cargo. Engineering and outlooks.
    Speaker: Alexander Egorov, Senior research scientist, Marine Engineering Bureau

    11.30-12.00 coffee break

    2 Conference session

    First heavy lift vessel under Russian flag.
    Speaker; Alexander Kuimov, deputy director on commercial fleet exploitation, shipping company «Gudzon»

    Modern terminal for heavy cargo handling, infrastructure and equipment requirements.
    Speaker: Miroslav Russkikh , Head of sales and marketing, TransInvest Group

    Project cargo rail transportation on the territory of CIS, China and Iran.
    Speaker: Elena Borisova, CEO Saint Petersburg Branch, InterRail Service

    Experience of logistic providing in remote regions.
    Speaker: Olga Gopkalo, senior specialist, Morstroytechnologia

    13.00-14.00 lunch

    3 Conference session

    Classification resolution of Federal Customs Service in project cargo transportation process.
    Speaker: Eugeny Kalachov, head of customs cllearance department, Agility

    Wind energy –new market for project shipments in RF. Start-2017 Speaker: Igor Bryzgunov, chairman, Russian Association of Wind Power Industry

    Project cargo transportation market. Issues and outlooks.
    Speaker: Anton Krivosheev, head of transport branch, Saint Petersburg Business Association

    Stability key factors for companies, specializing in heavy and OOG cargo transportation.
    Speaker: Igor Kukushkin, CEO, SRO «Speztyazh»

    Helicopter MI-26 for heavy and OOG cargo. Unique experience and exclusive pro-jects.
    Speaker: Danila Malzev, head of projects support in RF area, UTAIR helicopter service

    Unethical and fraudful actions in shipping.
    Speaker: Sergey Smirnov, chartering broker, Nortrop

    17.00-20.00 Dinner, conference room


    BreakBulk RUSSIA 2017


    • Eugenij Kalachov, head of customs clearance department

    Instar Logistics (Saint Petersburg)

    • Ivan Ageev, head of project depatment (OOG and heavy lift shipments)

    InterRail Service

    • Elena Borisova, CEO, Saint Petersburg branch


    • Denis Skripov, BD and sales manager in Northwestern Federal District


    • Maxim Buldakov, BD manager


    • Maslov Anton, chartering brocker


    • Yury Grigoriev, Manager of liner service


    • Alexander Kurguzkin, Head of logistic department

    АЕТ Trans

    • Alexander Torgashov, CEO


    • Sergey Chepaikin, CEO

    Baltic Sea ports authorities

    • Konstantin Budurov, Senior state inspector


    • Sergey Zabezhailo, Logistic coordinator

    Asstra Trade Services

    • Egor Lokhovinin, Coordinator of heavy and OOG shipments department

    Trucking company ATP «Nevskoje»

    • Elena Ligovina, CEO


    • Vasily Yukhnovez, CEO, Arkhangelsk branch

    BST Logistika

    • Milana Mikhailova, Managing director
    • Liya Berlin, Head of logistic department


    • Konstantin Buzin, Head of transport department
    • Andrey Moskalenko, Head of customs clearance and warehousing department
    • Eugeny Khripunov, Head of logistic department


    • Konstantin Grinevich, CEO

    Admiral Makarov State University of maritime and inland shipping

    • Alexander Kuznetsov, Professor of port and cargo terminals department

    Ingria Shipping

    • Ilia Verkhovezky, Head of chartering department


    • Vladimir Rodygin, Senior technologist

    Marine Engineering Bureau

    • Alexander Egorov, Senior research scientist


    • Alexander Goloviznin, Director, logistics and analytics

    Independent Energy Company

    • Alexander Sinkov, Heavy cargo department specialist

    Scientific center of modern methods of mechanization.

    • Albina Korshunova

    Panalpina World Transport

    • Konstantin Nikolaev, Rates and offer specialist

    Port Kolomna

    • Valentin Nariza, Head of logistic department

    Port Bronka

    • Miroslav Russkikh, Head of sales and Marketing
    • Sergey Larin, Senior specialist

    Prom Takelazh

    • Kiyatkin Nikolay, CEO
    • Almaz Salikhov, Head of technical department

    Projects Logistics

    • Gerasimova Irina, Executive Director

    Pull Trans

    • Denis Mechev, Sales director

    Pfaff Logistic Rus

    • Minkova Ksenia, CEO

    Russian Association of Wind Power Industry

    • Igor Bryzgunov, Chairman

    Saint Petersburg Business Association

    • Anton Krivosheev, Head of transport logistics branch department
    • Olga Ilves, Сounsellor of transport logistics branch


    • Olga Kasyan, Transport logistics group manager

    Shipping Company «Gudzon»

    • Deputy director of fleet commercial exploitation


    • Maxim Blank, Senior specialist of industrial, oil and gas projects


    • Yulia Radkevich

    SRO “Speztyazhtrans”

    • Igor Kukushkin, CEO

    Teci RUS

    • Sergey Filatov, Sales manager

    Saint Peter’s terminal

    • Stanislav Lobodinsky, Senior specialist