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  • BreakBulk caspian 2019

    October 25, 2019

    Le Grande Plaza Hotel
    Tashkent, Uzbekistan

    On the 25th of October 2019 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) the second international BreakBulk CASPIAN 2019 conference was held. The event was attended by more than 120 delegates from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, France, UAE, Iran, Turkey, Poland, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Austria.

    One of the most important topics of the conference became the Middle Asia major infrastructure projects logistics supply issue. Gorb Maxim, “Rusatom Cargo” company expert, raised the topic of heavy and oversized equipment logistics organization for future NPP construction plant in Uzbekistan. As known, state corporation “Rosatom” carries out a large-scale program of NPP construction both in the Russian Federation and abroad. Currently 6 power units are being built in Russia. The portfolio of foreign orders includes 36 units. One of these facilities was the Uzbek NPP (Tuzkan). Commissioning of the first NPP in Uzbekistan is planned for 2028. Its construction is estimated at $11 billion. The NPP will consist of two “3+” generation power units with VVER-1200 reactors. The total capacity of NPP is 2.4 GW. According to predictions the NPP will generate about 15-30% of all country electricity. The site for the NPP has already been chosen. Engineering and survey work are being carried out for the development of a technical project now. In addition, the speaker noted that Uzbekistan Minister of Energetics, Sultanov Alisher, claimed the country plans to build two additional 1.2GW units for already planned complex.

    One more central topic was the cooperation with China in transit sphere and Transcaspian international transport corridor possibilities. The potential of this corridor creates a favorable environment for cooperation in the economic sphere especially in the transport field for all countries in the region. As the part of the topic discussion Nasirov Dzhamil, “ADY Express” company specialist, made a speech. In his report he told about Azerbaijan’s railway transport field transit opportunities. The favorable geographical position allows Azerbaijan to close most of the Euro-Asian international cargo flows around itself. It was noted that the railway infrastructure in Azerbaijan has been updated and the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway has been put into operation, which has importance in terms of increasing the competitiveness of the above-mentioned transport corridor. The speaker also gave comprehensive information about transit routes passing through Azerbaijan and demonstrated their benefits. Detailed information was provided on the North-South, South-West, East-West transport corridors, the Transcaspian international transport corridor, as well as the Astara (Azerbaijan) — Astara (Iran) railway line and the Iranian Astara terminal.

    You can find out more about the conference program by sending a request to the Organizing Committee of the conference.

    Program of the conference:

    BreakBulk CASPIAN 2019

    09.30-10.30 Conference registration

    First session

    • DorProektEkspertiza presentation
    • Permits obtaining features for oversized and heavy cargoes forwarding on the roads of Uzbekistan
    • /speaker clarifies/
    • Association of customs brokers of Uzbekistan presentation
    • Features of customs regulation of oversized and heavy cargoes transportation in the Republic of Uzbekistan
    • Usmanova Khalida, chief consultant
    • A.R.T. Business Group presentation
    • Project logistics processes managing in the countries of Central Asia
    • Melnikova Lyudmila, head of railway forwarding department

    11.30-12.00 coffee-break

    Second session

    • LS Heavylift presentation
    • Cargo shipping record for the Caucasus: modules transportation for chemical plant
    • Tsankashvili Irakli, CEO
    • CJ ICM Uzbekistan presentation
    • Project of equipment delivery to the plant for the production of synthetic liquid fuel
    • Mamadzhanov Dzhakhangirdzhan, director
    • Hareket Heavy Lifting & Project Transportation Co presentation
    • Inland Heavy Transportation of Navoi-2 CHPP & Turakurgan CCPP Projects from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan
    • Gurkan Dogan, commercial director

    13.00-14.00 Lunch

    Third session

    • Rusatom Cargo presentation
    • Organization of heavy and oversized equipment logistics for the future NPP construction in Uzbekistan
    • Gorb Maxim, expert
    • RRL Russia presentation
    • Technology of transportation of oversized wheeled vehicles from Southeast Asia to Central Asia
    • Ryabov Oleg, project transportation department
    • ADY Express presentation
    • Transit possibilities of Azerbaijan in railway forwarding sphere
    • Nasirov Dzhamil, specialist

    15.00-15.30 coffee-break

    • NMSK Kazmortransflot presentation
    • Experience of equipment forwarding for the future “Tengizchevroil” project expansion
    • Zhaigaliev Bauyrzhan, leading specialist of business development department
    • Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean presentation
    • Possibilities of BreakBulk cargoes delivery to the Caspian Sea by Ro-Ro transport
    • Vostrikov Dmitriy, CEO

    17.00-19.00 Dinner


    Cargo owners

    • Atomenergoproject (Russia)
    • Korovkin Sergey, chief specialist
    • Yankovskaya Olesya, chief specialist
    • Kireev Evgeniy, chief specialist
    • ENTER Engineering Pte. Ltd. (Uzbekistan)
    • Anvarov Abdurasul, chief procurement specialist
    • Eriell Group (Узбекистан)
    • Kayumov Sultanbek, Head of Logistics Department
    • Abror Arifov, Logistics Manager
    • Khasan Malikov, Logistics Manager
    • Yakunina Vitalia, head of contract logistics and FEA direction
    • HYUNDAI ENGINEERING Co., representation in Uzbekistan
    • Lee Tatyana, logistics manager
    • Abdullayev Akmal, logistics manager
    • IKO Holding GmbH (Austria)
    • Hakobyan Vahe, director of logistics
    • Ishtikhon Metal Montage (Uzbekistan)
    • Khamraev Yashnar, commercial director
    • Lukoil Uzbekistan operating company
    • Simagin Igor, logistic support of capital projects manager
    • Zuparov Sanjar, chief specialist of marketing researches and qualifications of suppliers and contractors department
    • Vallee Carolle, logistics and purchasing manager
    • Chalil Nizar, logistics and purchasing manager
    • White Ian, regional plant manager (MECA Region)
    • Rusatom Cargo (Russia)
    • Gorb Maxim, expert
    • Khegay Pavel, logistics in Uzbekistan specialist
    • Khasanov Kamil, chief specialist for contract logistics

    Freight forwarding companies

    • Yilmazlar Serhat, general manager
    • Access World Transport (Uzbekistan)
    • Egamberdiev Khusniddin, director
    • AET Trans (Russia)
    • Torgashov Alexander, CEO
    • Almaty Consolidation Center (Kazakhstan)
    • Isaev Erlan, CEO
    • Tursynkhanov Daulet, operational director
    • ARK LOGISTICS (Uzbekistan)
    • Razzokov Jurabek, general director
    • Razzakov Azamat, country representative
    • A.R.T. Logistics (Kazakhstan)
    • Musina Aliya, CEO
    • Melnikova Lyudmila, head of railway forwarding department
    • ARROW GREEN LOGISTICS (Uzbekistan)
    • Turabekov Dzhamshid, commercial director
    • Nizamidinov Alisher, head of railway and maritime transportations department
    • ATP-1020 (Russia)
    • Sultanov Timur, specialist of oversized forwarding department
    • BaltServiceTrans (Russia)
    • Akselrod Milana, CEO
    • Baltcraft Central Asia (Uzbekistan)
    • Elmuradov Omon, CEO
    • Bertling Kazakh Logistics
    • Yermatov Yerzhan, commercial manager
    • Toregozhin Timur, sales manager
    • Beyik Yupek Yoly (Туркменистан)
    • Tuleev Igor, member of the management board
    • Degtyaryov Roman, head of company representation in Uzbekistan
    • BN-Group Polska Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
    • Nych Vitalii, logistics manager
    • Nohal Yuriy, director
    • BUKHARA LOGISTIC (Uzbekistan)
    • Asadov Sunnat, director
    • Caucastransexpress (Грузия)
    • Doborjginidze Nikoloz, CIS, supervisor
    • CJ ICM Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
    • Mamadzhanov Dzhakhangirdzhan, director
    • Fazilov Khurshidbek, project manager
    • Starovoitova Maria, sales manager
    • Cargo Craft Group (Russia)
    • Shishmintsev Maxim, director
    • Rogleva Yana, manager for cargoes delivery CIS
    • GLOBAL LEADER EXPRESS (Uzbekistan)
    • Sirozhiddinov Bobur, CEO
    • Lutfullaev Azamkhon, director
    • Khusanov Murodzhon, manager
    • DEUGRO Projects (Russia)
    • Genkina Evgenia, deputy CEO
    • DHL Industrial projects (United Kingdom)
    • Zabedilin Sergey, business development in Central Asia and Caspian region manager
    • Fesco Ocean Management (Germany)
    • Reiter Michael, project logistics sales director
    • Eurasia Logistic (Uzbekistan)
    • Gabbasov Marat, head of international road forwarding department
    • EurAsiaTransit (Kazakhstan)
    • Saduakas Ayan, project coordinator
    • Abibulla Olzhas, projects director
    • EGT Uzbekistan
    • Ismatullaev Ravshan, managing director
    • Hellmann Worldwide Logistics LLC in Republic of Uzbekistan
    • Dzugaev Ruslan, CEO
    • Gurkan Dogan, business development & marketing director
    • JENTY (Russia)
    • Panov Bogdan, head of oversized cargo department
    • Garnik Ksenia, key account manager
    • LS Heavylift (Georgia)
    • Tsankashvili Irakli, CEO
    • LS Cargo Logistics (Russia)
    • Nasonov Dmitry, director, sales and operations Russia
    • Mainstream Logistik (Russia)
    • Chetverikov Oleg, executive director
    • Moskovkin Leonid, specialist for oversized cargo transportation organization
    • Meno Logistics Turkmen
    • Kurbanseidov Gaygysyz, marketing manager
    • M-GROUP (Russia)
    • Egiazaryan Sergey, CEO
    • Eranosyan Anna, executive director
    • Zaitsev Andrey, head of development department
    • ORIENT LOGISTICS (Uzbekistan)
    • Yunusaliev Farkhod, director
    • Melnikov Konstantin, regional manager
    • Pishbar international logistics (Iran)
    • Jafaripour Hamid, managing director
    • Rhenus Port Logistics (Russia)
    • Zlatogorskiy Georgiy, business development manager
    • RRL Logistics (Uzbekistan)
    • Ryabov Oleg, head of representation in Uzbekistan
    • Sarens Kazakhstan
    • Izteleuov Azamat, sales manager
    • Fayazov Batyr, sales manager
    • Tezi (Georgia)
    • Tskhovrebadze Zaza, CEO
    • Kalandadze Giorgi, logistics manager
    • Terminal logistics services (Kazakhstan)
    • Duisenbaeva Aizhana, business development specialist
    • Trans Osiyo Logistika (Uzbekistan)
    • Gabbasov Marat, deputy head
    • Turksib Magistral (Uzbekistan)
    • Aidarov Zhan, director
    • Volodina Elena, deputy CEO
    • Turkmen Ak Yol (Turkmenistan)
    • Atalanova Ainur, project manager
    • Takhiev Vladimir, director
    • Saparmuradov Nurmukhammed, director
    • WWL ALS Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
    • Kopin Andrey, business development manager
    • Dosmatov Bakhtiyor, logistics manager

    Railway operators

    • ADY Express (Azerbaijan)
    • Qasimov Azad, director
    • Ramazanov Yusif, head of unit logistics department/cargo transportation unit
    • Taghiyeva Roza, specialist
    • Nasirov Jamil, specialist

    Airlines and aircraft brokers

    • Air Charter Service (Russia)
    • Medvedev Dmitry, account manager
    • Air Charter Service Kazakhstan
    • Zharylkasynov Darkhan, cargo flight sales manager
    • Volga-Dnepr Airlines (Russia)
    • Prokhorov Maxim, head of commercial service

    Ports, terminals, logistics centers

    • Orient Logistics Center (Uzbekistan)
    • Rustamov Mirzo, head of terminal
    • Chukursay Logistic Centr (Uzbekistan)
    • Khakimov Zhakhongir, director
    • Turkmenbashi International Seaport (Turkmenistan)
    • Guvanjalyyev Merdan, marketing department chief specialist
    • Annataganov Hezret, head of general cargoes terminal

    Shipping companies and freight brokers

    • ARK SHIPPING (Russia)
    • Armanskiy Sergey, deputy director of Astrakhan branch
    • Caspiy Ak Jhelken (Kazakhstan)
    • Kornev Andrey, director
    • Glogos project (Russia)
    • Grinevich Konstantin, CEO
    • Romanov Artemiy, maritime transportations manager
    • Ingria Shipping (Russia)
    • Sergeev Sergey, director
    • Lotsman (Russia)
    • Bylinka Grigoriy, founder
    • MT-Group (Russia)
    • Serbin Sergey, head of freight department
    • NMSK Kazmortransflot (Kazakhstan)
    • Nygmetov Erkin, head of business development department
    • Zhaigaliev Bauyrzhan, leading specialist of business development department
    • Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean (Russia)
    • Lomakin Evgeniy, sales manager
    • Vostrikov Dmitriy, CEO
    • Varenov Oleg, deputy director for fleet operation

    Customs brokers

    • BEK Broker (Uzbekistan)
    • Yuldashev Alizhon, head of marketing department

    Permits system

    • Ataibekov Samat, director

    Machinery and equipment manufacturers

    • CST “TransLiftTechnique”, Goldhofer official representation
    • Dyomin Evgeniy, CEO
    • Gerasimov Oleg, sales manager
    • Faymonville Distribution AG
    • Luxen Arnold, mаnaging director
    • Malyutina Elena, sales manager


    BreakBulk CASPIAN 2019

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