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    Along with attending our event as a delegate, you may also be interested in our marketing services.

    For maximum possible effect from the conference and successful output you and your company are welcome to consider our promotion packages and choose a type of sponsorship which will best fit your aims and objectives.

    Main opportunities granted to our sponsors:

    • Holding a presentation at the conference
    • Sponsoring company’s logo in conference promotional materials
    • Participation of additional delegates from the sponsoring company
    • Ads in delegates’ portfolios
    • Up-scale printing of sponsor’s logo as a part of promotion (registration badges, notepads, pens, flash-drives, portfolios for delegates, etc.)

    For further information please come in touch with the Organizing Committee – info@breakbulkrussia.com

    This is to present our standard sponsorship packages for the Conference. We are ready to create a tailor-made package just for your Company.


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