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  • BreakBulk CASPIAN 2023

    On October 11, the BREAKBULK CASPIAN 2023 conference finished its work in Aktau (Kazakhstan). Conference was held in one of the most important ports in the region for project logistics. It was attended by more than 100 delegates from Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Germany, Luxembourg and Turkey.

    During the event, the delegates discussed topical issues of oversized and heavy logistics in the Caspian Sea and Central Asia region. Also, conference participants presented comprehensive logistics solutions for heavy and oversized cargo customs clearance and transportation by sea, river, rail, road and air transport.

    On October 12, during the excursion day, conference participants were able to visit several important infrastructure facilities. Such as ERSAI marine terminal, where the unique Belleli crane with a 1,000 tons lifting capacity and 24 m radius is located. And the multifunctional marine terminal (MMT) “Sarzha” in the Port of Kuryk, where the two berths construction, access railways, first phase of the grain terminal and the general cargo terminal has already been completed. The MMT “Sarzha” project is included in the list of the largest infrastructure projects in Kazakhstan.

    Breakbulk Сaspian Conference program

    10.00-11.00 Participants registration. Welcome coffee break

    11.00 – 13.00 I Session

    “FESCO” presentation

    Features of logistics support solutions for large industrial projects in the Caspian region

    Vyacheslav Svitlinets, head of projects development department

    “Arivist” GC presentation

    Cargo flows re-routing results. Problems and prospects

    Stanislav Tobin, head of development and project logistics department

    “SV Charter” presentation

    Oversized cargo air transportation as a routine in conditions of global instability

    Sergey Vekhov, sales and development director

    “RZD Logistics” presentation

    Organization of project cargo transportation via new routes

    SergeyRudnichok, head of project logistics direction

    “Keen-Mark” GC presentation

    Over the bridge and under the bridge. Actual problems of oversized and heavy cargo transportation related to overcoming the bridge infrastructure and the ways to solve them

    Stanislav Kramnik, “Techno-Mark” company CEO

    “Modul” presentation

    Kazakhstan as a new transport corridor. The experience of the Kerch Strait passing with project imported cargo in new conditions. The impact of sanctions on changing the usual project cargo transportation schemes

    Maxim Smirnov, head of oversized and project transportations direction

    13.00 – 14.30 Lunch

    14.30-15.30 II Session

    “Keen-Mark-Logistic” presentation

    New Ro-Ro berth in Tobolsk. First use, challenges and opportunities

    Sergey Ivashenko, manager

    “KazInterTrans” presentation

    Transportation of 180-ton tank from Aktau to the Karabatan field

    Tazhimbet Mardenov, transport coordinator

    “Mammoet Kazakhstan” presentation

    Transportation of a 520-ton turbine to Uzbekistan

    Ali Yoldashov, CEO

    15.30- 16.00 Coffee break

    16.00-17.00 “Development of the Trans-Caspian route and Caspian Sea ports” discussion session

    Discussion participants:

    – Gaziz Baimukhamedov, “Sea port Ersai” CEO

    – Nurzhan Marabaev, MMT “Sarzha” CEO

    Special presentation:

    “HHLA Project Logistics” presentation

    Strengths and weaknesses of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route

    Daulet Kakim, head of office in Kazakhstan

    17.00 – 20.00 Dinner at the hotel restaurant

    Breakbulk Caspian 2023 list of participants

    Anson Logistics (Russia)

    Vasiliy Ershov, head of chartering department

    Viktoria Bologovkina, chartering manager

    Arivist (Russia)

    Stanislav Tobin, head of development and project logistics department

    Ark Shipping Company (Russia)

    Alexey Parfenov, deputy general manager for commercial fleet usage

    Anna Leonova, manager for commercial fleet usage

    Bukhara Logistic (Uzbekistan)

    Sunnat Asadov, director

    Nikolay Somkin, deputy director

    BELUGA TEC (Russia)

    Valery Dezhenkov, head of transport operations department

    Olga Gulyaeva, senior manager for project transportations coordination

    Caspian Cargo Services ITA (Kazakhstan)

    Yuri Kuznetsov, director

    Anna Prosvetova, head of forwarding department

    Alexander Ivlev, coordinator

    D Projects (Russia)

    Yevgenia Genkina, deputy general manager

    Igor Korshunov, oversized and heavy cargo transportation engineer

    EAT (Kazakhstan)

    Olzhas Abibulla, project director

    Eurosib Spb-TS (Russia)

    Sergey Smotrin, executive director

    Faymonville Distribution (Luxembourg)

    Luxen Arnold, sales director

    Elena Malyutina, sales manager

    FESCO Projects (Russia)

    Denis Kanataev, commercial director

    Vyacheslav Svitlinets, head of business development direction

    Roman Degtyarev, business development manager in Uzbekistan

    Gianti Logistic (Georgia)

    Gela Murgulia, office director in Kazakhstan

    Mamuka Kabdelaki, office director in Uzbekistan

    HHLA Project Logistics (Germany)

    Daulet Kakim, head of office in Kazakhstan

    IPL (Kazakhstan)

    Sergey Denisov, director

    Dmitry Fomin, project manager

    Alexander Dyudyukin, head of production and technical complex

    KazInterTrans 1 (Kazakhstan)

    Alexander Aiteshov, director

    Denis Aiteshov, technical director

    Tazhimbet Mardenov, transport coordinator


    Zhasur Tokhtaev, development director

    Keen-Mark GC (Russia)

    Stanislav Kramnik, “Techno-Mark” general manager

    Keen-Mark-Logistic (Russia)

    Sergey Ivashenko, manager

    Kotlin SC (Russia)

    Pavel Rudnyi, chartering manager

    Nikita Kuzechkin, chartering manager

    LS Cargo Logistics (Kazakhstan)

    Dmitry Nasonov, general manager

    LS Cargo Lojistik AS (Turkey)

    Deniz Cinarli, project manager

    Mammoet Kazakhstan

    Ali Yoldashov, general manager

    MMT “Sarzha” (Kazakhstan)

    Nurzhan Marabaev, general manager

    Modul (Russia)

    Maxim Smirnov, head of oversized and project transportations direction

    Yulia Nosikova, oversized and project transportations direction specialist

    Vladimir Gorbulev, oversized and project transportations direction specialist

    MRM – Maritime Risk Management Insurance Brokers (Cyprus)

    Alexey Bachurin, partner

    Viktoria Maringos, marine insurance director

    Negabaritika (Russia)

    Vitaliy Galitskiy, head of sales department

    Alexander Ostapenko, head of logistics department

    NG-Negabarit (Kazakhstan)

    Azamat Uteuliev, technical director

    Pola Rise (Russia)

    Alexander Suvorov, head of oversized and heavy transportations department

    PTC Holding (Kazakhstan)

    Anuar Toibazarov, project support expert-manager

    REZONANS (Belarus)

    Alexander Gryzlov, director

    Pavel Volkov, transportations manager

    RETEMS LOGISTICS (Azerbaijan)

    Orkhan Musayev, director

    Sema Mekhtiyev, director

    Rhenus Intermodal Systems (Kazakhstan)

    Nigmat Almetov, head of project department

    River-Sea (Russia)

    1 delegate

    Rusatom Cargo (Russia)

    Maxim Gorb, customs clearance and licensing department director

    Alexey Shitikov, head of customs clearance department

    Bobir Ismailov, chief specialist

    RZD Logistics (Russia)

    Sergey Rudnichok, head of project logistics

    SAPAR LOGISTICS (Kazakhstan)

    Nurolla Sapargaliev, director

    Anton Batsokin, oversized and heavy transportations specialist

    Vladimir Isaev, international transportations specialist

    Scanex (Azerbaijan)

    Kanan Sadigly, director

    Schenker Kazakhstan

    Yakub Bakiev, business development manager

    Paul von Brandenburg, regional business development manager

    Sea Port Ersai (Kazakhstan)

    Gaziz Baimukhamedov, general manager

    Sabyrbek Adilgereev, commercial director


    Oleg Varenov, director

    Gulmira Serzhanova, head of agency and logistics department

    SV Charter (Russia)  

    Sergey Vekhov, sales and development director

    TK SalvaDor (Kazakhstan)

    Gulnur Esenkulova, logistics specialist

    WEA Transport (Germany)

    Alexander Shults, director

    TECHNOWEST (Kazakhstan)

    Konstantiin Min, director

    Um Service (Russia)

    Konstantin Utkin, founder

    Matvey Grishko, founder

    Volga (Russia)

    Alexander Ryndin, deputy general manager

    Volgo-Baltic Logistic (Russia)

    Vitaliy Zubakov, deputy general manager 

    Ilias Nurgaliev, project manager

    WEA Trans By (Belarus)

    Alexander Mashenskiy, director

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